How can I join (or participate) on the team?

Contact the team at info@indysurviveoars.org or on our contact page.

When and where does Indy SurviveOars practice?

We practice three times a week, April-October at Geist Reservoir on the northeast side of Indianapolis.  Please contact us if interested in giving it a try so we can save you a seat on the boat!

Do I need to be athletic or have paddling experience?

You need to only have a desire to try something new!  We ask that you be medically clear for exercise and then we will coach you through the skills needed.

What are the benefits of becoming a part of Indy SurviveOars?

Limitless benefits!  Support, friendship, physical exercise and many, many laughs are the most commonly reported benefits.  

What do  I need for participation?

You need shoes with decent traction that cover your toes, clothes that you would exercise in and not mind getting damp and a water bottle.  We supply the PFD/life vest, paddle, team shirt, race entry fees and the boats!

Does it cost to join?

Membership is typically $50 a season.  We waive the first season fee to be sure you like it!  Membership dues do not apply to SupportOars.

Where are the dragon boat races?

We have raced as far south as Florida and all the way north to Canada.  We have gone to Newport, KY, Evansville, IN and Iowa.  Each season we review the race schedule and try to choose locations and dates that best fit the needs of the team.  

Does everyone take part in the dragon boat races?

Attending a race is a personal choice.  We encourage paddlers to attend at least one... because we know you will be hooked after the adrenalin rush!

Does the team have other activities during the rest of the year?

We strive to be part of the community.  In the past we have supported other breast cancer organizations, attended festivals, participated in a local "Battle of the Paddles" and taken the Dragon Boat to many locations to share our enthusiasm of dragon boating.  We organize and attend the Pink Paddle Party, our own major fund raiser, each November.  The team tries to stay in touch in the off season with organized rowing workouts and social gatherings.  

What is a SupportOar, and how do I become one?

Indy SurviveOars has a network of friends, family and people who love to paddle who are not breast cancer survivors.  We call this amazing group Indy SupportOars!  If you would like to try dragon boating but are not a survivor we welcome you as well.  We believe everyone has been touched by cancer and surrounding yourself with survivors can be a positive, uplifting environment.  You can find more information about being a SupportOar here.